Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enter Stranger But Take Heed...

Hello and welcome to Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'm glad you could join us. I'm Francesca (Frankie) and my co-author is Mimi. We come to you from New Orleans, LA. We both have an unhealthy interest in the paranormal, and love things that go bump in the night. So we have decided to share with you personal accounts and general information about the hauntings and other weirdness that go on here in Louisiana.

Mimi and I work full time in the real world, nothing supernatural or strange about our occupations. If you passed us on the street, you would never know that we are closet ghost junkies. Our personal libraries include an eclectic mixture of literature. You would find The Odyssey, Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe's works, Harry Potter, and our newest obsession, the Twilight series.

I will do a separate blog post, as will Mimi, to tell you more about us and personal experiences with the paranormal. We welcome comments and questions, if there is a particular haunted location you are curious about let us know, we will put it on our field trip list. We ask that you refrain from using the comments to attack other individuals who leave comments here simply because you do not agree with them. I also want to get out up front that no one who blogs here at SWTWC worships the devil or sacrifices animals by the light of the full moon, we are, however, uninterested in being swiped at with the religious stick, so keep your disapproving self-righteousness to yourself. If you do not like the occult or the supernatural you have clearly come to the wrong place.

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